US Commercial Solar Sector Wheeling and Dealing: REC Solar Gets “Stellar” Energy Assets

Coming on the heels of yesterdays announcement that more than 60 percent of corporate investors plan to put capital into the solar industry in one way or another, an announcement today shows the increasing vibrancy of the C&I solar sector.

REC Solar announced that it acquired the assets of Stellar Energy, adding more than 60 MW from 62 solar projects installed or under construction to its customer portfolio as well as operations and maintenance contracts for an additional 28 MW of capacity. New clients joining the REC Solar portfolio include leaders in the agriculture, food & beverage, manufacturing, mining & energy and entertainment industries, as well as school districts and municipalities.

REC Solar, the majority of which was acquired by last year Duke Energy — the largest energy company in the U.S. — has installed more than 175 MW of solar capacity in more than 500 commercial systems across the country, including businesses, governments and non-profits.


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