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Breaking Down Barriers to Renewable Energy Development in the Caribbean

Most Caribbean islands began generating electricity for municipal use around the 1930s through the establishment of public utility companies. But it wasn’t until the U.S. military began occupying several islands prior to WWII for strategic purposes, and constructing self-contained naval bases with state-of-the-art diesel generators, that increased energy production and distribution really started moving forward.

Swaziland Plans 35-MW Biomass Plant

Swaziland, a tiny landlocked monarchy, sandwiched between South Africa and Mozambique, and known for its wilderness reserves and festivals showcasing traditional Swazi culture, is planning a 35-MW biomass-powered plant to begin operations in three years.

Let’s Flood Twitter with the #BestPowerProjects

Tell us about your power projects! On August 3, join the global power industry for a TweetUp about YOUR power projects: those that you are working on, those that are going to come online or those that you love.


We’re asking the power industry to tweet photos, articles, comments and questions about the power projects they are working on, have worked on, plan to work on or have admired from afar.


Pumped storage in Hungary? Wind power in Germany? Solar in China? Geothermal in Indonesia? Bioenergy in the UK? Hydropower in Africa? Energy Storage in the U.S.? Not to mention gas, coal, and nuclear projects in Italy, India and Russia, respectively. Tweet about them to show the world where the #BestPowerProjects are located and how they keep our lights on and our electronics running.


Start gathering photos of your projects right now so on August 3 between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM you can share them with the twittersphere.  We hope you’ll join us!