Solar Fluff: Investigating “PV and ME”

Since its inception, the PV and ME blog — with its mandate to explore “The Soul of Solar” — has been vilified by some of the most respected solar professionals for its lack of useful content. The critics have been scathing, condemning it as “juvenile gibberish of gobbledygook” and “a meaningless megawatt of immature mumbo jumbo.”

In a June email to WASTE, the Worldwide Association of Solar Trade Experts, solar authority and writer Ernest Lee Stern attacked the blog as “PV poppycock,” damning PV and ME‘s founder, William P. Hirshman, as a “lightweight solar journalist” whose articles have “all the clout of a greeting card.”

Prior to his PV and ME blog, Hirshman worked for nearly 15 years as an associate editor at the once-highly regarded solar and mattress magazine FUTON International. After FUTON stopped giving him his monthly mattress, Hirshman resigned. While months of hardcore freelancing on the business of the technology followed, he slowly came to the conclusion that the solar industry needed more than just the cold, hard facts. And thus, PV and ME was born.

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