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Setting the Date

Nothing heralds the arrival of summer quite like taking a cross-country road trip, but it’s easy to fall into a routine around the house and forget we have one planned. So today Larra and I sat down and set our departure date – Monday, June 13th. Jim’s Backstory: After years of being tobacco-free, I went […]

Photobombed in Birch Bay

Larra: After a day of shopping “over the line” (in the US), I took Jim out to dinner at the cottage community where my sister has a cabin, at Birch Bay, WA. We went to Via Birch Bay Cafe and Bistro, where the veggie burger we shared was great, and Jim, of course, made friends […]

Jim’s Haircut

Every time I visited Jim on Maui the guys always harassed him about getting his hair 💇cut. “Hey, Jim, when are you going to cut your hair?” His response was, “You’ll have to ask Larra. She’s in charge.” I knew who I wanted to trim and style Jim’s hair. My friend Judy had referred me […]

Surrey Museum, BC

Jim: In an attempt to soften me up for the haircut that I’m going for this afternoon, Larra took me to the Surrey Museum today. It’s small; only the second floor has exhibits, but they had a lot of nice memorabilia from the 1940’s to the 80s.       The museum on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Surrey-Museum/248084021976232?fref=ts

The Bookstore Incident Continues

So after we had a snack in Starbucks at Chapters, Jim wanted to wander around the store. We checked out the raw vegan books and cookbooks, with Jim commenting on how happy he was to see authors he knew getting shelf space. We checked the fiction section for his novel but didn’t see it. I was […]

The Bookstore Incident

Larra: On Saturday I took Jim to Chapters bookstore in Langley. Gentleman that he is, he held the door for me. As I entered the store there were two women coming out. Of course Jim held the door for them, too. Behind them came a young man, then two more women, then a group of […]

Living with Larra

Jim: Another thing that I enjoy about living with Larra is that she sleeps like a log. I’m usually up a few hours before she’s had her full night’s rest. I can get up, turn on the lights, flush the toilet, get dressed, go for a walk, come back in, fire up the Vitamix, make […]

Today’s the Day

After almost two years on Maui, it took a lot for me to let go. This trip isn’t like my vacation to Vancouver, Arizona and Mexico that I took with Larra last February. This time I’m leaving for four months, and I’m going to travel over 25,000 miles. Letting go, making my reservations, and actually […]

I’ve Let Go… Finally

Jim: I see now that a lot of the psychological stumbling block was selling my car on Maui and letting go of the freedom that it affords. But I’ve done it! My car is sold, I’ve bought my ticket, and next Wednesday evening I’m jetting across the Pacific to rejoin my love in Vancouver! I’m […]

Planning Our Next Trip

Jim: A preliminary planning map for our next trip. Does anyone have any suggestions? It’s 9500 miles of driving. Plus, I’m flying 2500 miles from Maui to Vancouver, just to get to the mainland. We’ll be all Summer on the road, and if our earlier trips to Arizona and Mexico are any indication, we’ll probably […]