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Leaving the Grid: How Utilities Can Manage Grid Defection in the Age of Solar

According to a recent report by the International Energy Agency, renewable energy is expected to deliver about 28 percent of the world’s electricity by 2021 — up from 23 percent last year. There’s no question that consumers have shown increased interest in leveraging renewable energy solutions over traditional generation services, citing reasons such as reduced carbon footprints, cost savings and even aesthetics.

Aliso Canyon and the Blackout Threat — California Utilities Fast-Track Battery Storage Projects

The result of a massive gas leak in Aliso Canyon threw California utilities into a panic, facing the possibility of weeks of rolling blackouts in the Los Angeles area. Now, SoCal Edison and SDG&E are working to push forward battery-powered energy storage projects to help manage the situation. We’re not talking about a few batteries here and there. We’re talking about setting a new speed record for battery storage installations. In other words, the energy storage revolution is about to get a jump-start from California utility companies.

How Medium and Small Firms Can Join the Renewable Energy Rush

Renewable energy purchasing has evolved into a sophisticated combination of savings calculations incorporating demand charge savings, multiple energy pricing options, and increasingly flexible generation siting. Large corporations have embraced this trend, by buying more renewable energy than ever — a recent PwC survey showed 72 percent of surveyed firms are actively pursuing clean energy procurement.

San Francisco’s Community Choice Aggregation Program for Clean Energy Goes Online

San Francisco’s Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program for clean energy — CleanPowerSF — has arrived. First proposed in 1998, the program has been mired in conflicting agendas for almost two decades, mirroring the erratic evolution of the CCA movement as a whole over that same period of time. Now, finally, the program is online and serving 7,800 locations with a load of 40 MW. At full capacity, CleanPowerSF plans to deliver 400 MW of power to over 300,000 accounts.

Utilities Are Sending the Wrong Message on Energy

Typically, energy engagement programs focus narrowly on specific concerns, such as saving money. These programs may hit their short-term goals, but tend to fall short in the long run. We’ve been working with clients for years to solve this problem. We — along with numerous social science researchers — have found that energy consumption behaviors and attitudes are deeply loaded with emotion, and are far from rational. We’ve learned that for effective, long-term results, it’s necessary to make energy human.