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Nevada Regulators Propose Reduction in Solar Net Metering Payments

It’s about to get more expensive for homeowners to go solar in Nevada. The state’s public utilities commission filed Monday a draft order that would reduce the credits that customers get when they sell power back to the grid. The so-called net metering payments were a strong incentive for individuals and businesses in the state to install their own solar panels in recent years.

Are German Transmission System Operators Against Energy Storage?

September 16 was a big day at Younicos this year, as it marked the one-year anniversary of the commissioning of Europe’s first commercial battery park in Schwerin. The mood among the political and energy industry leaders who gathered to mark the occasion in this picturesque Northern German town was upbeat: The 5-megawatt system, designed and delivered by Younicos, had exceeded revenue forecasts in its first year of operation. It had not only won every weekly auction for primary frequency regulation it had bid into, it also achieved an impressive average price of €3,810 per megawatt. And the outlook is even more gratifying: By the end of August, the revenue target for the 2015 calendar year had already been reached.