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An Afternoon at Crescent Beach, Surrey, BC

Sunday was ANOTHER beautiful day in Vancouver, with temperatures reaching 30 C (85 F). I was amused at how many people complained about the heat. I also learned that Larra’s house, like most in Vancouver, have great furnaces but NO air conditioning! Latitude shock! We went to Crescent Beach, BC, and had lunch with Larra’s […]

Beautiful Alouette Lake, BC

Jim: Today was the nicest day I’ve seen yet in Vancouver. Saturday afternoon Larra and I went with her daughter, Michelle, and Michelle’s husband Jarrod to Golden Ears Provincial Park, about 45 minutes from Surrey. Temperatures in the 30’s C (80’s F), and not a cloud in the sky. We walked along the river, down […]

Setting the Date

Nothing heralds the arrival of summer quite like taking a cross-country road trip, but it’s easy to fall into a routine around the house and forget we have one planned. So today Larra and I sat down and set our departure date – Monday, June 13th. Jim’s Backstory: After years of being tobacco-free, I went […]

Photobombed in Birch Bay

Larra: After a day of shopping “over the line” (in the US), I took Jim out to dinner at the cottage community where my sister has a cabin, at Birch Bay, WA. We went to Via Birch Bay Cafe and Bistro, where the veggie burger we shared was great, and Jim, of course, made friends […]

Surrey Museum, BC

Jim: In an attempt to soften me up for the haircut that I’m going for this afternoon, Larra took me to the Surrey Museum today. It’s small; only the second floor has exhibits, but they had a lot of nice memorabilia from the 1940’s to the 80s.       The museum on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Surrey-Museum/248084021976232?fref=ts

50 Best Road Trips

USA Today – Nothing heralds the arrival of summer quite like taking a cross-country road trip. But if you’re relegated to just one state, there is plenty to see. California’s Pacific Coast Highway offers a stunning juxtaposition of mountains and ocean, while Connecticut’s Route 169 takes you through quintessential New England. And that’s just the beginning. […]

Today’s the Day

After almost two years on Maui, it took a lot for me to let go. This trip isn’t like my vacation to Vancouver, Arizona and Mexico that I took with Larra last February. This time I’m leaving for four months, and I’m going to travel over 25,000 miles. Letting go, making my reservations, and actually […]