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From Energy Storage To Sustainable Living, RenewableEnergyWorld.com’s Top 10 Blogs of 2015

As we close out 2015, the editors of RenewableEnergyWorld.com would like to send a big Thank You to our blogging community. Year after year, bloggers contribute content that is filled with valuable insights, up-to-date news, innovative project highlights and cool new technology updates. RenewableEnergyWorld.com bloggers are truly a crucial part of our website.

Long-time bloggers know that we changed out platform this year in an effort to make blogging easier for our community. Unfortunately, we made things a bit more complicated but we would like you all to know that our team is working hard to smooth out the kinks so we can continue to serve as the world’s largest renewable energy network.

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The following pages highlight the top 10 blogs of 2015. Start posting today, and perhaps you’ll see one of your own blogs on this list next year. 

Making Sense of the ITC Extension for Wind, Solar (and Bioenergy, Too)

Tuesday December 15 was a good day for U.S. renewable energy companies. In a landmark deal that could mark the first time the Senate and House democrats and republicans were able to compromise on anything at all, the two parties released an omnibus spending bill that lifts the 40-year U.S. oil export ban and gives a five-year extension of renewable energy tax credits for wind and solar.

Solar Industry Exuberant

The bill extends the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar until 2021. It was originally expected to sunset at the end of 2016, which was forcing developers to rush to finish projects. In a session last week during Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo, Julie Ungerleider of Coronal Group explained that because of the hard stop that the ITC created, solar projects that were not already “fully baked” were unlikely to be able to be built by 2016.  She said material shortages were rampant with the rush to build now.  This extension should relieve some of that pressure.

The ITC will be extended until December 31, 2019 in its current form. After that projects that start construction in 2020 and 2021 will receive 26 percent and 22 percent, respectively. All projects must be completed by 2024 to obtain these elevated ITC rates. For residential solar, a similar tax credit phase-out applies until December 31, 2021, after which the tax credit scheme ends.