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We’ll Always Have Paris

I don’t believe we have ever started a year with so much clean energy momentum. First, we have Paris. As 2015 closed, more than 195 countries gave nods of approval to what is now being called The Paris Agreement, which calls on all countries of the world to reduce carbon emissions. The agreement won’t mean anything until 55 countries totaling at least 55 percent of global emissions agree to be legally bound by it. The first step, the signing, is expected to take place on April 22 at the UN in New York. The next occurs after countries are able to establish that they have domestic approval for joining the agreement, the timing of which will vary by country. Countries will have to turn in an “instrument of ratification, acceptance or approval” that states the country has completed all necessary steps and can now join the agreement. Once more than 55 percent of the global emissions are accounted for, the agreement will become legally binding.


Mapping the Grid of the Future: How our Electric Grid is Changing in Very Big Ways

There is a far-reaching transformation underway in the electricity industry. The electric grid that has powered our lives for more than a century is undergoing major changes, in response both to technological advancements and the consumer demand these new technologies have unleashed. In short: the grid is modernizing and it’s happening all across the country.

US Supreme Court Decision: Demand Response Forces Awaken

In a long-awaited decision sure to benefit our wallets and the planet, the U.S. Supreme Court today upheld the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) authority to design rules and incentives for electricity customers to get paid for reducing consumption during periods of high electricity demand. Known as “demand response,” it’s most often used when energy is expensive and the grid’s limits are tested.