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Solar Apps Improving Process, Customer Engagement

Henry David Thoreau once exclaimed, “Men have become the tools of their tools.” Today, Thoreau’s pronouncement seems dead on—he was just a couple of centuries early. People have now become tools of their web and mobile applications. Recognizing a business opportunity, the solar industry has jumped right in with an influx of innovative new online te

A Solar Fred/”Spinal Tap” Solar Guerrilla Marketing Tip: 11

Perhaps the funniest moment of the classic mockumentary/rockumentary film This is Spinal Tap is when Nigel Tufnel, one of the band members, shows off the band’s amplifier. He explains how his amp is “special” because it goes to 11. If you don’t remember that scene, here it is again:     Let’s forget for a moment that Nigel has banged his head on on

Solar Trade War: Finding PV Peace amidst Clashing Factions

Solar has the potential to reinvent the way the world powers itself. Already a $100 billion industry, solar must be considered a key element in the world’s response to climate change and the global need to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Global trade issues, however, threaten the ability of the solar industry to make a major contribution to the most pressing issue of our time. While countries try to fine-tune and engineer fair trade policies, the world grows warmer. We need to find a way through the current crisis and mobilize all stakeholders in the industry — and that includes just about everyone — to help resolve trade conflicts and remove trade barriers that thwart the rapid adoption of renewable energies. If we’re serious about solar energy adoption, we need solutions to the world’s current trade conflicts.

Drip, Drip, Drip: How to Effortlessly Educate Solar Customers with a Few Mouse Clicks

One of the responses I received from my ongoing solar marketing survey was from an installer who said that they didn’t have enough time to educate all of their customers. That’s understandable if you’re a small solar shop with a few sales people. One solution is what’s called an email marketing “drip campaign.” An email marketing drip campaign is b