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Fracking and Solar: Friends, Foes or the Bridge to Clean Energy Adoption?

Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” has been widely criticized by environmentalists who cite concerns with water pollution and methane leakage from this high-volume method of extracting natural gas. However, the burning of natural gas is undoubtedly better for the planet than the burning of coal. Some experts are now saying that — toxic chemicals an

Breakdown: Penetration of Renewable Energy in Selected Markets

The penetration of renewable energy into the electricity supply mix has been much in the news recently. During the first quarter, Portugal generated three-quarters of its electricity with renewable energy. Meanwhile, in Germany, one-fifth of all electricity was generated with renewables, most of that from new sources of renewable energy, such as wind and solar. And recently, at a conference in San Francisco, attendees heard calls for generating not just 100 percent of electricity supply with renewable energy, but far more — 200 percent to 300 percent of generation — in order to meet the need for heating, cooling, and transportation as well.

Fighting Blackouts: Japan Residential PV and Energy Storage Market Flourishing

In the past, a PV system with battery storage was associated with the off-grid system — not connected to the utility grid. The battery stores the energy produced by the PV system and when the sun goes down, electricity is drawn from the battery. In Japan, the battery became attractive to store electricity from “the grid,” to reduce electricity bills.

The Future of Solar in Latin America

ClearSky Advisors has recently evaluated the attractiveness of each market in Latin America by quantifying the relevant fundamental and political factors which will drive solar installations over the next several years. Fundamental factors include sola…

8 Vivid Charts – 8 Reasons for a Solar Energy Standard in Minnesota

A conference committee is resolving differences between House and (much weaker) Senate versions of a solar energy standard in Minnesota today. Here’s eight graphic reasons why the state should go for solar as aggressively as it can.   This post originally appeared on ILSR’s Energy Self-Reliant States blog. 8 Vivid Charts – 8 Reasons for a Solar Ene