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Electric Green Smoothie

Electric Green Smoothie – Serves 1 to 4 people Section a fourth of a two-inch slice of organic or local watermelon, barely peeled and with the green left on. Separate the pink from the green, dice the pink and put it in a blender with a palm full of well-rinsed dulse sea vegetables and 1 […]

Dr. Flora’s Almond Creme Recipe

Some people love my fermented almond cream. Soak the almonds for two whole days, rinse and re-immerse in water for another two days, and then blend. Sort of a sour cream taste. The almond cream is a must every day; it’s a dietary staple. Peace and Love be with You, Flora  [Dr. Flora van Orden, […]

Green Drink Tips from Dr. Flora

Healthy Green Drinks 6 ounces of sunflower and buckwheat baby greens juice and 6 ounces of vegetable (1 large cucumber and 2 stalks of celery. a piece of ginger) juice. Juice the latter first, follow with the sunflower and then buckwheat greens, or local weeds like Lambsquarter or Purslane. Peace and Love be with You, […]