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Distributed Energy Storage Benefits on Both Sides of the Meter

Solar and wind are excellent sources of clean, renewable energy, but as they contribute a larger share to the generation fleet, their integration will become increasingly challenging. The reason: solar and wind cannot be dispatched in the same way as other sources of energy, such as nuclear, hydro, and fossil fuels. Because the grid must operate “j

Three Unequal Choices for a Local (Renewable) Energy Future

Earth Day highlights the need for a sustainable energy future, and experience suggests that there are only three meaningful choices for communities trying to increase local control of a greener energy future.  But the three policies – deregulation (“customer choice”), municipal aggregation (“city choice”), and municipal utilities (“city ownership”)

Drip, Drip, Drip: How to Effortlessly Educate Solar Customers with a Few Mouse Clicks

One of the responses I received from my ongoing solar marketing survey was from an installer who said that they didn’t have enough time to educate all of their customers. That’s understandable if you’re a small solar shop with a few sales people. One solution is what’s called an email marketing “drip campaign.” An email marketing drip campaign is b

The Good and Bad News of DoE Fiscal Year Budget Request

The good news is the Department of Energy (DoE) FY 2013 budget request of $2,337 million for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy programs (EERE) shows a 29 percent increase from the enacted FY 2012 budget. The bad news is the FY 2013 has not been approved by Congress, as of this writing, see Table 1 below.  Table 1: FY 2013 DoE Budget Request  

For Renewable Energy, Hands-on Learning Can’t Be Beat

I’m a reader.  I love sitting down with a great book or an in-depth report full of charts and graphs and really digging in.  SEIA and GTM Research just released their Solar Market Insight Report with staggering figures about solar installations in the U.S. in 2012. If you, like me, love to learn about the global growth of renewable energy, you shou

15, Count ‘Em, 15 Must-Have’s for Any Modern Residential Solar Website

  A lot of residential solar companies contact me about programs for them, and one of the first things I do is look at their websites. Some are okay, but often they’re outdated and missing several key elements that every modern website should have. So, for the benefit of not repeating myself and helping these installers to at least look modern, her

12 Things You Can Do in One Day to Market Solar

This Solar Fred marketing post is inspired by a recent Seth Godin blog post. I really think Godin captures the spirit of how small but consistent efforts can make a difference — without having a million dollar ad budget. Below is my adaptation of Godin’s one-day-effort bullet points for solar marketing and innovation. Each of these 12 ideas can be