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Renewable Energy Boom Dependent on New Energy Infrastructure

As the low-emission economy evolves, building new generation technologies is just half the challenge. The other half of the challenge lies in building the transport and distribution networks – and Asia is the region to watch, specifically China, Japan, South Korea, the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) States, East Timor and Australia.

UT Energy Forum: What are Viable Advancements for Geothermal Technology?

The Advanced Geothermal Systems panel at the University of Texas Energy Forum reviewed both current and promising new advanced geothermal systems, much of which receives DOE support. “I am in full support of R&D that provides electrical power at lower risks and lower costs,” said Douglas Hollet, director of geothermal technologies in Washington, D.C., who attended the forum.

Crowdfunding Coming of Age in Cleantech

With early stage capital for cleantech innovation becoming increasingly scarce, crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and a new crop of clean/green ones are beginning to emerge as significant sources of funding for selected next-gen clean technologies. Hurdles remain, particularly for investors seeking returns, but I’m more optimistic abou

Creative Financing for Renewable Energy

As more homeowners and business become interested in installing solar, a myriad of financing options have evolved. From third-party financiers to solar REITs, the options available to benefit the renewable energy industry and end users keep expanding. …

Geothermal Energy in Iceland: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Iceland is named the land of fire and ice for a good reason. It is certainly icy: temperatures hover around 10-20°F (-12 to -6°C) in the winter. But underneath that frozen earth lies fiery hot rock and water — so much of it that 87 percent of the country’s heat and hot water demand is met with geothermal energy and 25 percent of its electricity dem