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Get Ready for the Rooftop Solar Stall in 2017

This was supposed to be solar’s moment. Residential panel installations in the U.S. grew 71 percent in 2015 as the falling cost of panels made the power they generate more competitive. In December, Congress unexpectedly extended a tax credit set to expire at the end of 2016. Panel buyers will get reimbursed for 30 percent of the cost of new solar panels through 2019 and at least 22 percent through 2021.

Finding Solar Energy’s ‘Sweet Spot’

As solar PV energy growth rates continue to rise, it is essential that we ask ourselves whether or not we are pursuing solar deployment in a prudent manner. In the last decade solar has largely been focused on pace of growth, which was extremely effective in helping to drive down cost. However, as we enter an era when solar energy is cost competitive, finding a solar deployment “sweet spot” is the next logical step — in other words, focusing not only on maximizing financial value, but also the operational and customer value.

Bringing Clean Energy to Multifamily Affordable Housing in California

Over the summer, a unique coalition came together in California to draft a plan to make the state’s clean energy economy more equitable for low-income renters. If state energy officials adopt the coalition’s proposed plan, it will put in place a groundbreaking strategy for providing greater access to clean energy technologies like solar and energy storage, thus improving the economic and energy security of low-income households and disadvantaged communities.