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High-quality Components Deliver Bankability, Increase ROI

A minimal investment in high-quality components can have a big impact on a project’s bankability, improving the safety and efficiency of an installation and protecting its long-term health. The connectors and cabling in a solar PV system have always been vital to its safety and performance, even though they typically make up just 1.5 to 2 percent of the total overall cost of a project.


Pumped-Storage Hydropower Shows Promise for Boosting Energy Storage

America’s power grid is a complex network of power plants and transformers connected by more than 450,000 miles of transmission lines. As a major clean energy contributor, U.S. hydropower plays an important role today for both electricity generation and energy storage. For more than 100 years, U.S. hydropower has been an important source of low-cost, low-emissions renewable energy.

Phasing Down Hydrofluorocarbons

Global energy consumption from air conditioning and refrigeration may increase more than 450 percent by 2050, and the Energy Department’s Building Technologies Office (BTO) is looking for ways to reduce this energy usage while improving performance.

Pockets of Portable Climate

In the 32 flats cooperative housing society I grew up in, comprising of two buildings in the heart of Mumbai, no one had air-conditioners for the fifteen years I lived there until I left for college in New Delhi. Only about six families had cars.