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Oncor Launches Paradigm-Breaking Microgrid in Texas

The nature, shape and form of an emerging 21st century model for U.S. electric utilities is now on display outside the town of Lancaster, Texas. It’s there, in a comparatively remote area of southwestern Dallas County that Texas electric utility Oncor and smart grid specialists S&C Electric and Schneider Electric have assembled a “proof of concept” version of what they contend is “one of the most advanced microgrids in North America.

Bridging the Clean Energy Divide

When you live on a fixed income, reducing monthly electricity bills can make a big difference in your daily life. Lower energy costs mean more money for food, health care and other important parts of raising a family.

Listen Up: Can We Get To 100 Percent Renewables?

We’ve made great progress with renewable energy — but from an almost zero base we still have a long way to go. Fortunately, the path is clear. California is already over 12 percent with a combination of hydroelectric, wind and solar (unfortunately not much hydro this year). Getting to 50 percent only requires the deployment of existing technology. But can we get to 100 percent?

A Partial Solution To California’s Water Problems

A new report, Clean Energy Opportunities in California’s Water Sector, offers what could be a partial solution to California’s water problems. The authors, Juliet Christian-Smith and Laura Wisland from the Union of Concerned scientists, primarily focus on the 20 percent of California’s electricity that is consumed by the water sector. They point out that most water and wastewater utilities own assets (land, reservoirs, ponds etc) that could be used to produce renewable energy.

Questionable Cost Concerns Slow Net Metering

Net metering, which enables utilities to reimburse customers for solar power, is being reconsidered in many parts of the United States. The quarterly report “The 50 States of Solar,” published by the NC Clean Energy Technology Center in February, revealed 23 states changed their net metering policies during Q4 of 2014.

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